We do not run a beginners course as we have enough instructors to separate the class and cater for different levels. So new people are welcome at any time of the year, but please let us know if you are planning to come down.We are happy to give you the first lesson free of charge so you can get a taste of the various elements of Aikido. After this there is no commitment to join unless you are comfortable with Aikido and the style of training.

Beginners can pay by the week and there are no other charges for membership or joining. After a few weeks Students need to apply for insurance under the ARF/BAB and have to be over the age of 18.You don’t need to buy a uniform; a t-shirt and tracksuit trousers (or similar) are fine for the first few weeks. If you have a judo or karate uniform (Gi) from another martial art that is also fine. There are showers and changing facilities, but best to bring a towel and some water anyway. 

Benefits of Aikido

Since Aikido does not require physical strength or aggressive spirit, it can be practised by people of all ages and sexes. Based on full and natural body movement, Aikido exercises the whole body. It teaches and develops flexibility, co-ordination, balance and quick reaction. Because Aikido is essentially a method of practical self-defence, the practitioner will eventually acquire a sound basis of quick reaction and effective movement which should prove useful if an occasion should demand it in real life.


A grading system is followed within most clubs; similar to other martial arts.

 Licensing requirements

Professional Indemnity insurance for Coaches is compulsory , as is Personal Accident insurance for all participants. 

Hopefully this covers the usual questions but please use the Contacts page if anything else comes to mind.